Prichard’s Double Barreled

Distiller’s Site:


  • Nose: Expected oak and vanilla notes but not overly sweet. A hint of wood smoke.
  • Palate: Really strong butterscotch at the front, then a light taste of the promised wood smoke with black pepper spiciness (more so than either Woodford) and some pecan notes on the mid-palate. Rich, creamy mouth feel and full body but still a nice brightness and acidity from the corn side of the mash. This provides a welcome cereal note to balance the oak.


Where can I get me some of that?

We here at Booze Nerds typically enjoy the challenge of trying to acquire some new booze we’ve just discovered. However we recognize that not everyone is like us. So we’ll list places we think currently carry it. Of course we make no guarantees, so contact the merchant to verify they have it in stock.

List incomplete or out of date? Let us know.  

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