Samples Policy

Looking to send us free booze? Cool. We like free booze as much as the next gal and guy 🙂 However here are a few things you should know.

  • We’re not in this for free booze. If you take a look at our bar page you’ll see we already have a lot of booze, and that page is always woefully out of date. 100% of those bottles we’ve bought ourselves, we don’t add the free samples until we buy a bottle of our own because we want it in our bar.
  • What we’re most interested in is things we haven’t tried before. Being able to try before we buy is exactly what we’re looking for. So samples of that nature (new, not distributed in WA yet, hard to find, etc) are well received.
  • We’re almost more interested in getting access to buy nice booze ourselves. Let us know where we can pick up some hard to find bottle and we’re all over that.
  • If we like something, we will feature it in one of our regular posts with pictures of the bottle, notes about how using the particular spirit makes the drink better, etc. But we don’t feature individual spirits, run promotions, etc.
  • If we don’t like something we won’t say anything. Our mothers taught us to be polite. 🙂
  • In case it isn’t clear, we’re pretty independent about these sorts of things.

Knowing all that, if you are still interested, contact us here. Cheers!

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