4th Anniversary!!

img_5895We just passed our 4th anniversary of writing this blog! As always, we’re going to whip up some yummy cocktails to celebrate and we’re also going to talk a bit about what we’ve learned over the years.

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MxMo: Let your nerd flag fly

mxmologoIt’s time again for Mixology Monday! This month’s theme comes from Rebecca at The Shrubbery¬†(who makes exceedingly lovely shrubs by the way. You should definitely check them out.). Her theme this month is Drink Nerdy. Hmm, seems like something right up our alley.ūüėÄ In her words:

The thing that unites everyone who participates in MxMo is our love of of cocktails. We love the history, the alchemy, the artistry, and of course the drinking. Loads of us go to conventions, collect memorabilia, read books about all manner of boozy subjects, and tour distilleries like they’re sacred places. One might say, we’re nerds. I say, what else are you nerdy for? For the purposes of this challenge I’m going to define a nerdy pursuit as: anything from or related to science, science fiction, fantasy, video games, role playing games/characters, or comics. Come up with a cocktail that celebrates or is inspired by a nerdy thing you love. A Cosmo variation for Neil deGrasse Tyson? The perfect sip for Sarah and her Goblin King to share? A beer based cocktail for that barbarian you played in your college D&D game? Star Trek? Anything you are enthusiastic about.

Wow! So many to chose from. Whatever shall we do?

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Root beer cocktails

IMG_5833We recently picked up some root beer from one of our local farmer’s market vendors,¬†Rockridge Orchards & Cidery. We’ve had their apple juice and cider, both of which are quite tasty (we have yet to try their apple brandy, hopefully soon ;)). Their root beer came highly recommended, so ¬†we picked some up and were not disappointed. We haven’t come across many cocktails using root beer, and we like root beer, so we figured that as we head into the Labor Day weekend, why not combine two things we like into a wondrous whole.

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Boozy Slushies

IMG_5816We were recently offered a bottle of Fernet Branca and a bottle of Brancamenta (Samples Policy) and challenged to come up with with a couple of blended drinks.¬†Normally, we’re just not fans of blended drinks. Too many associations with Slurpees and the cheapest grain alcohol that money can buy¬†(usually not what we’re about around here, in case that wasn’t obvious ;)). But this particular challenge piqued our interests, plus we’ve been embracing the tiki approach to lots of ice in drinks. We’ve come around to see that it can work great if you use the technique with the right type of drink. We’re big fans of both Fernet and Brancamenta too, so we figured why the hell not. Challenge accepted!

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MxMo: Alma Negra & Malt Shop

mxmologoAfter a well deserved hiatus, Mixology Monday is back! This month’s theme comes from Adam of the Mr. Muddle blog. The theme this month is vinegar, which we’re very excited about. In Adam’s own words:

For this month’s MxMo, let’s make the whole range of vinegary things fair game.  And I’m not just talking about throwing some olive juice into a Martini.  Making a balsamic glaze for your pork chops?  Save some for the bar.  Want to have a good time and treat your psoriasis?  Reach for that bottle of apple cider vinegar for your next cocktail.  Got some favorite pickles?  Use the juice as a component.

We’ve used switchels & shrubs¬†before and were very happy with the results.¬†But this was an interesting riff on that idea so we were looking forward to seeing¬†what we could come up with.

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IMG_5770Melon season has arrived. Usually when you think of melon in cocktails,¬†you¬†think of Midori. Which Christa doesn’t like, and¬†Shaun is indifferent. Which is interesting since Shaun doesn’t like actual melon and Christa loves it. But who can say. Anyhow, seen as they’re now in season we thought it would interesting to see if we could make some cocktails with melon juice other than watermelon, since you don’t see that a lot.

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Amaro Lucano

IMG_5734Rather than wait a year or more between amaro posts, we thought we’d get ahead of the game and do another. Closing our eyes, spinning around in a circle, and grabbing a bottle from the shelf, we landed on Amaro Lucano for this post. What’s this particular amaro like? (Hint: it’s bitter and sweet ;))

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Cocktail onions aren’t just for Gibsons…

IMG_5701We’re big fans of Gibsons around here. One wouldn’t expect that just changing the garnish would change the characteristics of a Martini, but it does. The little bit of brine and oniony flavor add a certain something that¬†makes for a great and very different drink. What’s surprising to us though is that cocktail onions just aren’t used that often in other drinks, which we think is a darn shame. With that in mind, we set out to see if there were other drinks that might do well with an onion garnish.

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Lavender Cocktails

IMG_5686Happy 4th of July everyone! It’s another beautiful summer day here in Seattle; 61 degrees, overcast, with showers predicted for this afternoon. Everyone get out your July 4th fleeces. We don’t know where people get the idea that the weather here in Seattle isn’t nice.ūüėČ Despite the cool weather and rain, the lavender is in full bloom, which makes the bees happy. Since we also enjoy the sight, scent, and taste of lavender, we were¬†curious as to what we could do with it drink-wise.

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Amaro: dell’ Erborista

IMG_5632It’s time again to take a closer look at¬†one of the many amaros¬†(amari?) we have in our liquor cabinet.¬†¬†This week we pulled out Amaro dell’ Erborista¬†by Varnelli. The dell’Erborista is especially interesting. It has a lot of forest-y, earthy notes as well as being especially bitter. Shaun finds it almost too bitter, Christa loves the stuff. Can we mix with it? Let’s find out.

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