MxMo CIII: Standoffish

Update: The roundup is now live.

Happy November, everybody! Now that we’re into the cold weather, it’s a good time to be bringing out the richer, stronger ingredients for use in cocktails. How to use them in good proportion though, where they speak up but don’t overwhelm? Well, one way is to include them in smaller amounts, perhaps slightly offset from the other ingredients in one way or another. They can introduce themselves at the start or the end of the drink, or shepherd the other components into a cohesive whole, depending on how they are used. Which brings us to this month’s theme: standoffish! We’re looking for cocktails that use at least one non-garnish ingredient that is not stirred or shaken with the others. Rinses, floats, foams? Sure! Mists? Why not? We welcome whatever your creative geniuses can come up with.

  • Find or create a booze filled drink that has a standoffish ingredient that makes a big difference to how the drink tastes. Then include a photo, recipe, and such on your blog or eGullet’s Spirit’s and Cocktails forum.
  • Do all of this by midnight Monday, November 16th. Late submissions may be taken, but try to be on time lest you be left out! Make sure to post a link to your post on THIS article in the comments. Or tweet it to @boozenerds.

Looking forward to everyone’s aloof creations! Cheers!

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17 Responses to MxMo CIII: Standoffish

  1. Just started my own cocktail blog, thank´s for the information

  2. Andrea says:

    Uhh, time to put my thinking hat on.

  3. I was worried at first, but somehow ended up with something really tasty.

  4. Andrea says:

    My thinking hat only led me to recreate a very well know cocktail:

  5. Here is our offering:
    Thanks for hosting and for a very interesting theme!

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