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Cognac Cocktails

We’re big fans of cognac. There are lots of lovely bottlings out there, and quite a number of delicious cocktails to use them in. We have a number of really nice cognacs in the cabinet, so we decided to try several of … Continue reading

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Golden Wave Variations

It’s Super Bowl Sunday here in the US and for Booze Nerds that means, well, not a whole lot. 🙂 We’re a lot more interested in booze than football. For this week we decided to pick one rum cocktail and … Continue reading

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The Great Aged Eggnog Experiment

Back in December we came across this video. In it, Erik Chapman over at Sun Liquor reveals their aged eggnog recipe (recipe here for those that don’t want to transcribe it). Erik says that they age their eggnog for a month and … Continue reading

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Twice Barreled Bourbon Review

We here at BoozeNerds like bourbon. A lot. We’ve been trying to decide what we’d like to start this here blog off with. We felt that the double barreled bourbons are tasty and a little out of the ordinary. So we … Continue reading

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