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Vermouth all the way down

While at Tales of the Cocktail, we got to try some of the Carpano white vermouths which we were very excited about as we’re big fans of the Carpano Antica. We ordered some when they were not yet available in … Continue reading

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A Gracious Plenty

We were recently challenged by the Fernet-Branca marketing folks to come up with a festive cocktail using Fernet. They make the very good point that many people think of shots when it comes to Fernet, which we think is a … Continue reading

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3 Howls Hopped Whiskey Three Ways

We were recently contacted by the 3 Howls folks about creating three original cocktails with one of their spirits. Given that we are big fans of theirs and already own several of their products, we said sure! We always love a … Continue reading

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This week we investigate the effect of temperature and oxidation on cocktails. We had noticed that some cocktails seem to change in flavor, often for the better, after sitting a short while (on those rare occasions where we don’t just gulp … Continue reading

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MxMo: The Achaean & Raven’s Wing

In keeping with our Mixology Monday theme, we decided to gin up (heh :)) a couple of resin-y cocktails this week.

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Kentucky Bourbon Tour: Everything else

Hello and welcome to our final post about our Kentucky bourbon tour. Here are parts one and two While every place we visited had something of interest to offer, of the other distilleries and retailers we saw, three stood out; Buffalo … Continue reading

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Cognac Cocktails

We’re big fans of cognac. There are lots of lovely bottlings out there, and quite a number of delicious cocktails to use them in. We have a number of really nice cognacs in the cabinet, so we decided to try several of … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox Cocktails

The spring equinox is upon us once again. It’s not warm here yet, but we’re starting to see some fresh ingredients in the markets that make us think of spring. Not bunnies, they don’t make a good cocktail ingredient 😉 … Continue reading

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Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch

We both love Scotch, from the rich cognac-like flavors of some of the Highland offerings to the smokey, peaty deliciousness of the Islays. But we don’t see an awful lot of Scotch cocktails on offer. Given the complexity of the … Continue reading

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Black Lily Deconstructed

Recently we came across the recipe for the Black Lily, created by Kyle Ford as the official cocktail of the 2012 San Francisco Cocktail Week. At first glance it seemed like an odd drink. A whole lot of Cointreau, a … Continue reading

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