You say toe-mah-toe

IMG_3687This week we decided to experiment with tomato juice. It’s a common ingredient in Bloody Marys, but you rarely see it combined with anything but vodka. So we decided to see what else we could mix it with. We also wanted to see if tomato juice paired with aged spirits, as you never see that. Read on to find out what we discovered.

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Playing with Margaritas

bodysnatcher-closeIt was recently brought to our attention that February 22nd is National Margarita day, in the form of a sample bottle of Casa Noble tequila :) (see our samples policy to understand that it made the cut). Now the Margarita is one of those wonderful 3-ish ingredient drinks, salt being the ever important fourth ingredient. ;) So in making a classic one, there’s not a whole lot to do except to say that a properly made one is delicious. Being the Booze Nerds that we are, we wanted to go a little farther afield with Margarita flavors and ingredients. So we decided to deconstruct it as well as play around with the idea of the base ingredients to see what we could come up with.

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MxMo: Martini-like

Hot on the heels of last month’s MxMo comes this month’s Mixology Monday. The theme this month is: “That’s Not a Martini!“. It comes from Dagreb over at Nihil Utopia. In his words:

This month’s Mixology Monday theme is that which is almost, but not quite, a Martini. Perhaps there are dashes (or more) of a liqueur (or two) added to the basic structure. Perhaps a Fino Sherry (or other fortified/aromatized wine) is standing in for vermouth. Maybe there’s Oxygene instead of bitters? Gin, certainly!

We’re big fans of martini alternatives, so this is a fun challenge for us. Gin is a wonderfully flexible base spirit, and we set out to have a bit of fun with it.


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Does Size Make a Difference?

side-by-sideIce cube size that is. ;) In case it isn’t obvious at this point, we’re somewhat obsessed with Dave Arnold’s new book Liquid Intelligence. And why not, there’s some serious science and booze nerdery which is right up our alley :). This week, we’re investigating one of his claims that shaking your drinks with one big ice cube and a few small ones makes a difference in the texture of the drink. Read on to find out what we discovered.

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MxMo: Rone-ry & Blue Alert

It’s Mixology Monday time again! This month’s theme comes from Andrea over at Ginhound. The theme is Blue. Andrea gave everyone permission to interpret that however they see fit, so we’re taking that flexibility to the limit. Read on to see what cocktails we came up with to match the theme.

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Birthday Cocktail

zimmer-frame-closeAfter a brief hiatus (we were both sick :-P), we’re back! Today is Shaun’s birthday, so in honor of that we thought we’d come up with an original cocktail in celebration. For major events we like to do such things. Oh yeah and apparently the Seattle sports ball team is playing a game today. Or so we hear. ;)

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Hopped Cider

gentleman-farmerEarlier this year we went on a cider tour on the Olympic peninsula, and one of the ciders we got to try was a hopped one from Finn River that we quite liked it. Recently, we were offered a sample of another hopped cider from Woodchuck (see our samples policy to see what that means). We sensed a trend. ;) Since we liked what we had tried of hopped ciders so far, we looked for and found a third one from the Portland Cider company. With three kinds of hopped cider in hand, we decided to taste them side by side to see what we thought of them, and then see which if any lent themselves to mixing up into a cocktail.

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Salt Redux

daiquiri-ingredientsAs we’ve discussed before, salt can make a marked difference in the flavor profile of a drink. In his book Liquid Intelligence, Dave Arnold also discusses salt and how he adds it to any drink with coffee, chocolate or fruit to make the flavors pop. He recommends that the next time you make a daiquiri, that you split it and try one half with salt and one half without and that after tasting, you’ll never make it without salt again. Of course that’s a challenge that we as Booze Nerds couldn’t resist. ;)

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Hot Sangarees

bubbling-overFor this holiday weekend we decided to break out David Embury’s book to see if we could find something to make that would be appropriately festive. We came across Hot Sangarees and were intrigued. They seemed just the ticket; they are simple drinks to make since they only have a few ingredients, their warmth helps combat the cold weather (you might have guessed that from the name :)), and most importantly, they have an element of danger to their making! What could be better than the combination of booze and hot pokers? We couldn’t think of a thing, so we put the poker on the fire and got started.

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Aged Eggnog Redux

eggnog-ingredientsA couple years ago we came across a recipe for aged eggnog from one of our local bars. You mix everything together – booze, eggs, dairy – and put it in the fridge for however long. We decided to try it out and see what, if any, difference it made in terms of how long we aged it. Turns out 3 weeks was optimal.

Then last year, we came across an article in Cooks Illustrated that suggested that aging just the booze and eggs without dairy and then adding that at serving time was better. Being the nerds that we are, we decided to test it out. Read on to see what we discovered.

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