Fort Sumter

fort-sumter-closeThis week, we give a quick tip of the hat to American history. The Civil War (or the War Between the States if you prefer) started 153 years ago on April 12th at Fort Sumter. We know that whiskey was like gold on the battlefields that followed, and we were inspired to make something that a soldier of the day might drink.  We set forth to create a libation using the sorts of ingredients that were realistically available at the time. And so we made the Fort Sumter.

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Any Port in a Storm

garnetWe are both fond of port as a nice after-dinner drink, but it also makes a great mixer. With it’s sweetness and fruity/caramel-y notes, it adds depth and richness to a cocktail. We decided to experiment with both tawny and ruby ports to see what we could come up with. Read on to see the results.

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Wild Kingdom

wild-kingdom-closeMarch 28th was Marlin Perkin’s birthday. When we were kids in the 70′s, he hosted Wild Kingdom, which influenced us in many ways. We both have fond memories of watching it on Sunday evenings, where Marlin and his crew exposed us to many wild and exotic animals, and helped form us both into animal lovers and environmentalists. As adults, we wanted to pay homage to a man who was a great conservationist and also a strong character (read the bit about his interview with Bob McKeown, we hope we’re that badass when we’re in our 70′s). As such, we wanted to create a drink to honor him. Read on to see what we came up with.

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MxMo: State Fair Sour & Fourteen Shillings

It’s time again for Mixology Monday. This month’s theme is preserves from Craig at World of Drinks. From the description:

The aim of the challenge is to go back to the days of the preserve, pick an ingredient, seasonal or not and treat it as if you won’t be seeing it again for quite some time. Syrups, sorbets, jam, shrubs and the like are all fair game, anything that will preserve the integral character of your favourite ingredient.

With that in mind we searched through our pantries to see what sort of preserved ingredients we had. Read on to discover what we came up with.


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Spring Tiki

cargo-cult-closeIt’s spring in Seattle, which means it’s tiki time! The weather’s a bit dull, grey and rainy right now, so we’re turning to delicious tropical drinks to lighten our spirits. Come with us to the South Pacific :) Read on to dream of warm sunny beaches and palm trees.

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Irish Coffee

creamA couple weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to spend a few hours out with Saragh, our local Jameson whiskey rep, and got a chance to try some of their offerings we weren’t familiar with, like the Gold Reserve and the newer Black Barrel. They were very tasty, and served as a good reminder that, much like tequila, we often forget to consider Irish whiskey when we are mixing. We will have to remedy that in some future posts :) In any case, with Irish whiskey on our minds and the impending arrival of St.Patrick’s Day, we thought we would try a few twists on classic Irish Coffee this week.

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Switchels & Shrubs

switchel-and-shrubThis week we decided to take a look at shrubs – flavored, sweetened vinegar-based syrups – and switchels, which are the same thing only with the inclusion of ginger as a flavoring. The vinegar in them serves the same role as citrus to provide acidity, interest, and balance to a cocktail. Drinking vinegar sounds offbeat, right? But they’re actually very tasty and make it easy to whip up a nuanced drink with just a few ingredients.

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Which Bitters?

four-bittersIf you’re a regular reader here, you know that we’re fascinated by how different ingredients affect a drink. Some might even say we’re somewhat obsessed with it. :) This week we decided to noodle around a bit with bitters. Bitters, in our minds, are one of those essential ingredients that can perfect a drink, but for the uninitiated they can be somewhat of a mystery. How can such a small amount of ingredient affect a drink in such a substantial way? We decided to try a Manhattan with four different bitters to see how this one ingredient affected the final drink. Read on to find out what we discovered.

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MxMo: Amaretto Sour Lemon vs. Lactart

 It’s Mixology Monday time again! This month’s theme, Sours, comes from Andrea over at Ginhound. Taking Andrea’s suggestion, we decided to experiment with what souring agent we used. Awhile back, we picked up some Acid Phosphate and some Lactart. After tasting both, we decided to make an Amaretto Sour using Lactart and compare that against the original recipe using lemon to see how the choice affected the flavor. Things got complicated from there ;) Read on to find out what we determined.


Silver bat cocktail pick by Julia

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My Black and Bitter Heart

MyBlackAndBitterHeartWe’re not big romantics here at Booze Nerds, but we still like to throw ourselves into the spirit of any holidays that come our way. Never decline a chance to celebrate, right? So we felt it was only right that we do a take on what we would consider to be a proper Valentine’s Day cocktail.

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