Sazerac Alikes

IMG_5065There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned cocktail (of which, of course, an Old Fashioned is a great example ;)). Booze, sugar, and bitters, with maybe a twist and/or a teeny splash of an amaro or liqueur for interest. Having one in hand can make everything shinier, and the worst day a little bit better. The Sazerac is a favorite of ours (we used it for a Peychaud’s comparison a few months ago), and this week we’re looking at a few cocktails we’ve put together using it as an inspiration.

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MxMo: Corbie

mxmologoIt’s Mixology Monday again. This month’s theme, Brace Yourself, comes from Doc Elliot over at his eponymous mixology blog. The good doctor (he’s a real doctor, and clearly a kindred spirit) has this to say about the theme:

Winter usually evokes scenes of roaring fires with glasses or mugs filled with warming liquid fortifying us against the cold and damp. Winter provides the shared universal experience that spans language, geography and the centuries – that moment just before you step out into the cold; to walk to the bus stop, hit the ski slope, shovel the snow or feed the livestock. So what adult beverages can best prepare the body and steel the will for that moment when we  go forth into Winter?

With that in mind, we set out to make a drink we thought would help us brace ourselves against the winter (though ironically, it’s a gorgeous day today in Seattle :)).

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IMG_5020Given that it’s cold and rainy here in Seattle, we decided to focus on mixing with guava this week; if it can’t be sunny and tropical outside, at least it can be in our cocktails. We’re big fans of guava, with its sweet, mildly floral taste and slightly grainy texture, and have used it in several cocktails in the past. Apparently, when it’s cold and drizzly here we like to make tiki drinks, based on our past posts. Can you blame us? Continue reading

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Amaro: Averna

IMG_49672+ years ago O_o, we planned on doing a series of posts on amaro, which we are *ahem* picking up now. As we mentioned in our original post, we’re big fans of amaro. For those of you who don’t know, amaro is a type of Italian digestif liqueur. At Tales of the Cocktail, we learned that there are something like 1000+ amaros in Italy. As much as we’d like to, it is highly unlikely that we’d get through that many amaros, but we’d still like to highlight some of our favorites. This week, we’re looking at Averna.

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Teeling Whiskey Expressions

IMG_4952A while back we received a sample of Teeling Irish Whiskey and found it to be a great addition to our Irish whiskey selection, very full-flavored and easy to mix with. Since then, Teeling has released two new expressions here in the States and we were lucky to get a couple of samples (see our Samples policy to understand what it means that we’re talking about them). With the samples in hand, we were very curious as to how they compared to the original Teeling Small Batch. Read on to find out.

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NYE Punch

IMG_4941-closeWith the Solstice holidays behind us, it’s time to look to the end of 2015. With that in mind, we decided to make some party-compatible punches. One cold and fruit-forward, one warm and elegant. Let’s end 2015 with a bang. :)

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MxMo: Forgiving the Negroni

mxmologoIt’s Mixology Monday time again. This month’s theme comes from Dagreb over at Nihil Utopia, and it is Forgiving: cocktails that are willing to forgive imprecise measurements or substituted ingredients. The theme intrigued us, as we love cocktails that still taste good even when you screw them up or start noodling with what’s in them. We chose the Negroni as our flexible favorite to work with this month.

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Festivus in Seattle

IMG_4878It’s getting on towards the winter holidays, so we decided to throw together a couple of seasonal cocktails, featuring flavors we associate with this time of year. We went green (evergreen, that is ;)) for one, and orange for the other.

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Pink Sparkles

IMG_4831-closeWe are now officially into the thick of the holiday season, so it’s time to break out the sparkling wine cocktails. OK, we’re actually fans of having sparkling wine cocktails at any time, but now they’re especially nice. For this post, we decided to experiment with rose sparkling wine, since that’s a fun change of pace. Besides, the only thing more festive than fizzy wine cocktails is *pink* fizzy wine cocktails.

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IMG_4804-closeHere in the Pacific Northwest, ’tis the season for pomegranates. Normally one thinks of grenadine when mixing with pomegranate, but that isn’t the only way to showcase the flavor of this delicious fruit. Taking advantage of the season, we decided to make a couple drinks using pomegranate juice instead. Read on to see what we came up with.

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